Innerspring or Memory Foam Mattress Which Is More Budget-Friendly

Memory Foam Mattress

Are you planning to buy a mattress? Are you looking for a cheap mattress online? Are you finding it difficult to choose between innerspring and memory foam mattresses? Are you trying to get the best memory foam mattress or the best innerspring mattress? This post will answer all of these queries and more! 

Innerspring mattress 

Being one of the oldest types of mattress, the innerspring mattress is a popular choice among sleepers.

This mattress is just as the name suggests, that is, it is made up of a network of metal coils that are enclosed by a padding material for softness and comfort.

The number of metal coils in the spring network and the quality of those coils determine how good or bad the innerspring mattress is. 

The biggest advantage of an innerspring mattress is that it is budget-friendly. Since they have been in the market for really long, they have developed a number of varieties that the sleeper can choose from, and that too at a very affordable price.

Though traditionality of an innerspring mattress and its economic price can attract a sleeper, the problems associated with this bedding type cannot be brushed under the carpet.

To begin with, an innerspring mattress usually is not all that durable. The spring support tends to disintegrate after a couple of years of us. The metal coils start making a squeaky noise each time you turn or toss, invariably disturbing your sleep.

An innerspring mattress is also not hypoallergenic. In fact, the padding between the coils turn out to be very convenient places for dust mites and other allergens to set camp.

This can affect your health and cause you great damage. So though the mattress itself may be cheap, the price you pay in terms of your health is a lot! 

Memory foam mattress 

A memory foam mattress is a more modern sleep solution. Traditionally, memory foam was developed by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions.

That particular technology that allows memory foam to conform to the body shape of the user is what makes sleeping on memory foam mattresses such a luxurious and comfortable experience. 

Over the years, other technologies were incorporated into the design, such as uniform body weight distribution, orthopedic features like natural spinal alignment, and zero partner disturbance through motion separation.

The newest technology included by leading memory foam mattress brands is temperature control. Gel memory foam, foam with cooling crystals, foam with open cell structure, etc. are examples of such advanced memory foam mattresses. 

Though memory foam mattresses are considered more expensive compared to innerspring, the new brands of today have taken the onus upon themselves to provide the luxury of memory foam at a very economical price so that each and everyone can enjoy the amazing sleep that memory foam promises.

Also the various mattress offers and discounts given by these brands make the whole deal even cheaper. Wakefit mattress, SleepyCat and SleepyHead mattresses for example are doing a great job in bringing a good night sleep to every home. 


If you are trying to find the best online mattress, the two common options are innerspring and memory foam mattress. After going through this post, it should be an extremely easy choice for you. 

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