Memory foam or Innerspring mattress? Which is more affordable?

Innerspring mattress

As technology has progressed over time, brands have come forward with different kinds of mattresses. New innovations and technology have to lead to the invention of great quality mattresses. Are you contemplating whether you should buy an Innerspring mattress or memory foam mattress? Then you are in a really tricky position. After all, these are two of the most popular and well-known materials used to make mattresses. Both of them have a unique set of features and benefits to offer. If you are confused between these two mattress types, then you are at the right place.

So, in today’s blog, we are definitely going to touch all the points that differentiate between the two materials. It will help you understand which one will offer you better comfort. Also, you are going to learn which is more affordable and suits your mattress budget in 2020.

Memory Foam Vs Innerspring – Differences

Now that we are aware of which two materials we are going to discuss, let’s dive into the major differences. We have decided to break down the following segment into – heat, sinkage, and durability. Check it out –

Heat – the most striking difference between these two mattress type is their capability to circulate heat. Memory foam is known to trap a lot of heat at night, thus it gets overheated. The material is quite dense and that is why it can absorb and trap the body heat. This can be very irritating for those who tend to feel hotter. The deeper they are going to sink into the memory foam, the hotter they will start to feel. But, the best mattress brands in India have addressed this issue by infusing the gel layer.

In the case of an innerspring mattress, you will feel much cooler when compared to memory foam. This is because there is a good amount of space between the spring coils that facilitate more airflow. Hence, the mattress can offer great breathability. It regulates throughout the night and helps the users to feel comfortable.

Sinkage – due to the slow response when applied pressure, memory foam can offer a lot more sinkage. So, it allows the mattress to envelop the user’s unique body curves. So, you feel a lot of relief and comfort when lying. It never fails to deliver a great cushioning. But, not every memory foam mattress can offer perfect support and cushion at all times. It totally depends on the quality, the person’s weight, and how dense the mattress is. Too much of sinkage can lead to discomfort and body ache.

As innerspring mattresses are bouncy, they do not feature too much of sinkage. So, you are going to feel more “on the top” instead of the “sinking” feeling of using memory foam. Once again, a lot of factors can influence it. If you are a side or back sleeper, an innerspring mattress is your best choice for better comfort.

Durability – apart from the two differences we discussed above, durability is also a crucial thing to talk about. Whenever you buy from the best mattress brand in India, you know that the product will be durable. But, the material with which it is made has a drastic impact. When you invest in a premium mattress, you must be aware of the material used. Each of the materials used has its own benefits. In this case, innerspring has an edge over memory foam. High-quality steel springs and coils can last for a longer period of time than foam.

However, that does not mean a memory foam mattress is not durable. Durability does depend on the quality of the materials as well. Very premium memory foam will last longer than a cheap innerspring coil system. So, you see how durability can vary with each product. But, on average, innerspring is more durable.

Which One is More Affordable?

foam vs innerspring mattress

Finally, we are in the most important segment of the blog. In the battle between foam vs innerspring mattress, you are surely wondering which one is more affordable. Once again, there is no particular definitive answer to this statement. But in general, an innerspring mattress is more affordable and a little inexpensive than memory foam. Also, don’t think just because it is more affordable it offers less value.

It totally depends on the users and only they can decide which mattress suits their needs. For instance, a side sleeper is not going to enjoy great comfort on an innerspring mattress. No matter how affordable or expensive it is. They need a memory foam for full support. So, you must prioritize your sleeping habits and needs.

Final Verdict – both innerspring and memory foam offer great value for money performance to their users. Each of these materials has unique features and benefits that facilitate a good night’s sleep. Set a mattress budget and search for the best quality mattresses online.

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